Sunday, January 8, 2012

PSU Hires O'Brien

In an event most of us haven't seen in our lifetime, Penn State has hired a new head football coach permanently replacing Joe Paterno.  Bill O'Brien at age 42 and also a Brown University graduate was named to the top job.

Some took the board's decision as good and some bad.  Many fans are torn between wins and losses and restoring integrity to the fabled program.  There are hurts on all levels for fans.  They are still hurting about the treatment Paterno received in being removed from the job.   They are also hurting about the way interim head coach Tom Bradley was treated by the board.

What fans have to understand is when the PA AG released it's findings in it's grand jury report and subsequent indictments the landscape of college football and the Penn State program was changed forever. Joe Paterno was the last man standing in an era of coaches like Bobby Bowden, Bear Bryant, Eddie Robinson and Woody Hayes.  Coaches who put their stamp on a program and that have become revered state symbols. There is only one chance in the world to do what Joe Paterno had done.  Any successor no matter under what circumstances they were hired are caretakers of what Paterno built.

There are some positives out of this hire and you may or may not agree:

 - O'Brien has little ties to the program and is good right now.

 - Larry Johnson is staying.

 - Other assistant coaches may have the same opportunity.

 - O'Brien isn't afraid to light someone up, check the video of the discussion with Mr. Brady.

 - State College is still a good place to raise a family and be an assistant coach.  O'Brien should be able to attract quality assistants.

- PSU fans have long been moaning and groaning about offense and pretty much the lack of quality over the past quarter century at the quarterback position with exception of a few.

-Although there is an active NCAA investigation going on, PSU still has their full compliment scholarships.  Winning in 2012 is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Good luck in 2012.

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