Thursday, March 1, 2012

Daydream Believer

Yesterday, Davy Jones of Monkees' fame passed away suddenly in Florida at the age of 66. Jones was a resident of Beavertown in Snyder County in central Pennsylvania for the past 22 years. From everyone who posted in social media and in newspaper articles, Jone was a very good neighbor and a good citizen of Beavertown.

Jones was famous throughout the world for his two-year official stint of being a member of the made for TV group.  Unlike most people of fame and means, he chose to live as a regular person in the quiet Snyder County community.  A Snyder County day in the life of Jones may have been sitting on a neighbor's porch, getting food at the local OIP or performing for the locals in Northumberland.  Often recognized, he was cordial and would honor any autograph.

In 22 years, I seen Jones a total of 3 times in 22 years.  I seen him at the Susquehanna Valley Mall, walking down the Market Street in Sunbury after doing some promotion work and in a concert at the Front Street Station in Northumberland.  On stage, Jones could connect with an audience of any age like no other.  He was probably most comfortable on stage. You could not help but like the guy.

Often we try to put celebrity death into some type of perspective. Most recently earlier in February with Whitney Houston.  You remember where you were in life when they were at the top of their game.  For most of us, we were kids watching reruns of the Monkees or seeing Jones on that famous Brady Bunch episode.

Many celebrity death is often met at the lowest ebb of the personal life.  Looking back at Davy Jones, personal life and a good neighbor, he finished on top.

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