Saturday, November 10, 2012

Amity the Calamity

The old Amity House

A view from 6th St. with Weis in background

This week demolition started on the building that once housed the Amity House restaurant.  The building was most recently occupied by a video rental business that closed in 2010.  Since then the building has sat vacant. According to the News-Item, the only plans as of now are for a parking lot according to Weis Markets who are the owners of the property.

There was much commentary on social media outlets this week regarding the use of the building and memories from the long-time business of the Amity House.  As of Friday, Weis Markets is a 1.07 billion dollar company. Razing the structure will save some tax money by not having a structure on the property, but in the scheme of things it is less than specs of pennies in their operation. 

I am sure over the last two year, the business and the landlord class have approached Weis with offers for the building in property.  Walnut and Sixth Street in Shamokin is a major way of getting through town both east and west and also north and south.  It is prime location.

There is one thing when old dilapidated buildings are torn down in a depressed area.  They have seen their time and the citizens are glad to see them go.  Maybe I'm wrong, but the last time Shamokin said goodbye to something iconic was Nash's Bakery in last 2007.  We are sad to see them go, but we still have their memories.  With a healthy building surrounded by major commerce, it is gut wrenching and soul searching to know just another parking lot is on the way.  To the Amity House, thanks for the memories.

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