Monday, November 5, 2012

What "We the People Need" on Wednesday

Tomorrow we as citizens of the country will exercise our right to vote in this democracy bringing to an end a campaign that was long and expensive.  Some of the early estimates are around 3 billion dollars.  Be that as it may, there are some of things we need to start working on Wednesday as a nation no matter who is elected and what side of the aisle you may sit.

The basic problem of our country right now are jobs, wages, and growth of the economy.  You can talk welfare and illegal aliens, but fix those three things first. 70% of our economy is tied up into consumer spending.  Without jobs with wage growth, this demand won't return.  Most of consumer leverage was tied up into home equity which isn't returning anytime soon.

Where to start?  With mother nature and other disasters occurring with more frequency, our country could use a National Infrastructure Bank to invest in road, rail, electrical lines and broadband.  We could big money investing in a more modern electrical grid and traffic system of lights. Money needs to be in the system, not on the sidelines.

While America is led to believe The President is the problem.  There is another group of people sitting on their collective asses since 2010 trying to guarantee failure of the country. Michael Smerconish wrote this column recently and all should read it not just for the sitting president, but for the future.

The other group of people can be summed up here and here.

The same group that has spent over a billion trying to convince you the President is the problem are representing the group who gave you this little problem a decade ago.

For this voter, it is too early to let the fox near the hen house.

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