Thursday, November 21, 2013

Southern Columbia - Old Forge Preview 2013

During Southern Columbia's five consecutive PIAA championships from 2002-06, District 2 did not present much of a challenge to the Tigers playing in the last 11 out 12 finals.  The only exception was the 1997 loss to Riverside. Since the parade of championships ended in 2006 and Southern's district streak snapped in 2007, the Tigers were eliminated in 2008, 2010, 2012 by a District 2 team.

Good news for the Tigers that we are in a "odd numbered" year. However, District 2 sends a strong representative in Old Forge who avenged an earlier season loss to Dunmore and handled the Bucks in a 27-7 win last Friday night in Dunmore.

The Tigers recently played Old Forge in 2011, beating the Blue Devils by 11 in a 45-34 win.  It wasn't easy.  The 2013 version of the Blue Devils features a strong running game led by first year senior starter Brandon Yescavage who has rushed for over 2000 yards, carries over a 9/carry average and has scored 38 touchdowns. Most people can't recall a first year senior starters who has rushed over 2000 yards in recent memory.

For the Tigers,  it was good to face a strong rushing and power game the week before with Dominick Bragalone and South Williamsport.  A key to watch on Friday will be the Blue Devils coming off a big win on the road against Dunmore and long bus ride suffering a letdown against Southern.  Many thought Old Forge would not be playing in Week 13.  On Friday, there will be a locker full of Blue Devils waiting to take the field at Kemp Memorial. They are there for a reason.

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Peter Pritchyk said...

The Devils are on a hunting trip this post season, Bucks for the District 2 title and now they are hunting Tigers! Devil Machine!!