Thursday, November 14, 2013

Southern vs. South Williamsport District Final Preview 2013

Southern hosts South Williamsport in the District IV A championship game this Saturday at 7 pm.  The Tigers follow the same script this week as they did last week.  They play a team that they dominated earlier in the season.  The difference with this week's game is the style of the opponent.  The Mounties like to keep the ball on the ground with junior Dominick Bragalone.

Bragalone has shattered Lycoming County records for yardage and touchdowns.  He needs 60 yards for 3000 yards and has 44 touchdown going into Saturday's game.  Unlike last season's senior dominated team,  South Williamsport had to rebuild this year's squad.

Unlike what you see in college and pro ranks, high schools stick to pretty much the vehicle that brought them to dance.  Will we see some different things from South.  The Mounties success will hinge upon moving the football and keeping Southern out of the endzone.  Poor punting on special teams was their demise in Week 4. 

Bloomsburg who lost to Southern in Week 7 by a 50-13 count, were only down 21-14 with 8 minutes left in the 3rd.  The game ended 49-14 with the Tigers scoring one less point and the Panthers scoring one more. 

It will be critical of South Williamsport to find success in the running game and keep the Southern offense off the field.  Mistakes made on special teams in Week 4 have to be cleaned up.  If the Mounties can do these two basic things plus a whole lot more, they may have a shot in the 4th quarter.  If the game is still a contest in the 4th quarter, the Mounties will still have to worry about the lack of depth when compared to Southern.

Saturday will be interesting to say the least.  South Williamsport will be second team in as many weeks to see if they close the gap of an earlier loss.  The Mounties are 20-3 over the last two season with all three losses to the Tigers.

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