Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Day with Stuart Scott

ESPN personality Stuart Scott was laid to rest yesterday after his bout with cancer ended on Sunday, January 4th.  During tributes over the past week, video of Scott inside the "treatment room" jarred memories of my own battle with the dreaded c-word.  Although one has love support, you are often left to wonder how much time one has left in the world.  No matter how many people are in your life, it can be a lonely experience. 

I never met Mr. Scott or ever saw him at a sporting venue where I was in attendance.  My presence at a professional event has been on a steep decline over the past decade or so.  How did I spend a day with Mr. Scott?  Flashback to March 24th, 1985.

That day fell on a Sunday.  The location was the campus of Alabama-Birmingham.  The event was the Southeast Regional Final with the Villanova Wildcats going up Dean Smith's North Carolina Tar Heels.  We all know how the tournament would unfold over the next 9 days. 

Due to a very limited spending account (I was broke), I was a freshman back at campus in St. Mary's dorm on Villanova's  watching the game.  Did Scott hitch a ride with the university radio station?  Probably one of his friends or colleagues will know.  I do know that we both watched the game with high intensity rooting for our university and a trip to the Final Four.  For two hours in our lives, it was shared together.

As the days, months and years go by, I will remember Scott not so much for his hip-hop commentary.  I will remember him for how he lived life to the fullest.  I will remember to try to do the same with my second chance given to me over 12 years ago when I have doubt.  I will also remember the excitement that March 24th, 1985 brought us both. 

RIP Stuart Scott - "Cool as the other side of the pillow"

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