Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy 5th Anniversary, Colondar!!!!!

As October was being painted pink for breast cancer awareness the 5th anniversary issue of the Colondar was published. The Colondar and the Colon Club was started by Molly McMaster who was diagnosed with colon cancer on her 23rd birthday. The Colondar and Colon Club are used to bring awareness that anyone can be diagnosed with colon cancer and it is not an age related issue.

For the 5th straight year, Erika Kratzer of Snyder County in Pennsylvania graces the cover. Erika was diagnosed in 2000 at the age of 22. I got to meet Erika and her family through a local newspaper article about the Colondar. Being diagnosed myself at age 36 in 2002, I had a side effect from chemo that made my eyes water. November 29th, 2002 was the day I first had symptoms of this disease.

Through bringing the Colossal Colon to the Susquehanna Valley in 2005, Erika's mother Janet Bilger and I co-chair the Central Susquehanna Valley Colon Cancer Task Force. In 2008, our task force's efforts were realized by signing HB1155 (Colon Cancer Screening) into law in Pennsylvania.

Here is a toast to the Colon Club and the Colondar. May Erika grace the cover for another 10 years.

Here is a picture of Erika's mother with Governor Edward Rendell at the signing of HB1155.

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