Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shamokin with a chance to run the table

Asst. Joe Gubernot sets the defense

Shamokin Area Indian Boys will have a chance to win the inaugural Heartland Athletic Conference Division 1 basketball championship with a win over Mifflinburg tonight at Mifflinburg. A win by Shamokin will make them undefeated in league play and will be the second straight league championship winning the Schuylkill League last year in a final against North Schuylkill. Mifflinburg was eliminated from post-season earlier in month with a loss to Danville.

A side note on tonight's game. Shamokin assistant coach Joe Gubernot was attacked by a female fan from Mifflinburg. The fan thought Gubernot was singling out Wildcat players to be attacked physically by the Indians. Coach Gubernot has been flashing defensive signal cards for close to 20 years.

This comes after an incident during the football season involving a local media outlet.

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