Thursday, April 9, 2009

March Madness Decompression

As I slowly decompress from Villanova's Final Four run, I will try to get back to more blogging about other topics.

First and foremost, Northumberland County is trying to give Luzerne County a run in the headline department.

We had officers of the court and a county commissioner at odds once again.

While the warden being shown the door, the deputy warden's job has yet to be filled.

Guard suspended without pay.

Plus in a sad case, a death at a private juvie detention center.


Job Fair held but attendance is down?

Speaking to a friend who was in attendance and lost his job at Fleetwood, the event was a waste of his time. No one was hiring anyway.

Knight-Celotex in Sunbury files Chapter 11.

Let hear a big round of applause for Bank of America who received a bailout of their own, but choose to freeze a line of credit.


I have been pretty busy umpiring girls high school softball. I had the opportunity to work this gem.

Thank you in advance, PPL.

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