Monday, April 6, 2009

Villanova's Run is Over

It has taken me a while to decompress from the 'Nova loss on Saturday night. I guess I was seeing a little too much 1985 and some Hoosiers. When you look at the big picture, UNC was definately the better team.

If you would have asked me about the Final Four in December, I would have said your dreaming. It was nice to see Cunningham doing his best Ed Pinckney and team that was better than the sum of their parts.

With a top five recruiting class coming in and Villanova back in the national limelight, Jay Wright's success only seem ahead of him. Things can be cruel in college basketball. What happened to Pitt could happen to us, we could be on the other end of Georgetown, etc.

It has taken championship efforts to knock us out:

North Carolina (2005)
Florida (2006)
Kansas (2008)
UNC (2009?)
Let's Go 'Nova!!!!!!!!!

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