Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Just hold on to your hats. Were not done yet. When the game ends at 2 am and all the other series are wrapped up, why the hell are we playing at 6 pm??? Major League Baseball did one thing right on Saturday in cancelling the game. Our course MLB caves into NFL pressure to compete with ratings against playoff baseball.

Umpiring? How could a third base umpire miss the foul/fair call on Friday in the Yankees-Twins game? The play wasn't even close. Tennis appeals anyone?

From the Gridiron

Dave Shinskie (Mount Carmel) may have played against the nation's number one defense on Saturday. Going into Saturday's game, Shinskie had 5 TD passes vs. 1 INT. In Saturday's first half, Shinskie was 0-9 with 2 INT's finishing 1-12-2. Observers said it was Tech's best performance in decades.

In covering football for over 2o years, Friday's Shamokin-Selinsgrove game ended with 2:31 left when the lights went out. I believe that is the first time that happened in recent memory. Back in 1972, Lourdes and Mount Carmel had a light problem but I don't know if the game was pushed to Monday from Friday.

After six weeks of high school in Northeastern Pennsylvania, you can see that Selinsgrove has the most dominant team. Playing without 3 starters, most notably Matt Weinrich, the Seals overcame seven 15-yard penalties enroute to the easy victory. Shamokin did play very well in the first quarter and half. The Indians scored the first points against the Seals first team "D". Hat's off to the Shamokin staff for coming to play.


Going on the road in the first two years of the Heartland Conference has been at times very difficult. Last season there was the history making night at Mifflinburg.

So far in 2009, there have been road trips to Loyalsock, Danville, and Selinsgrove. I didn't meet the athletic director at Loyalsock until game time, Danville didn't return emails but were great once we got there. At Selinsgrove, there were 4 radio stations and one TV station trying to broadcast the game. Leaving Selinsgrove, I didn't know the name of either the athletic director and game manager.

Which brings us to arrogance part. The Seals were whistled for multiple "chop block" penalties which you have to ask yourself why do they need that tactic??? The tactic is some you do when you know you could get away with it. I compare it to spitting on your opponent.

Upon arrival in the Selinsgrove pressbox, my colorman and public address announcer knew each other from golfing in the area and coaching. Of course, he has to say I won't be using "yoos guys" tonight. "Yoos guys" or the uses of double plurals and double negatives brought over from Eastern Europeans who worked in the mines. Often formal education was over by the sixth grade so kids could support their family in the mines. Deep coal mining hasn't been in a major industry in the anthracite area since the 1940's.

For some reason, people "across the river" feel the need to use that slur. Selinsgrove is a great football team in 2009. Up until and including 2008, there are no state, eastern regional or Eastern Conference championship hardware sitting in the trophy case. There is no reason to be arrogant as you go about your football business in 2009. This includes from the arrogance in the pressbox to the "chop blocking" on the field.

If you feel the need to use the "yoos guys" for satisfaction. Keep in mind how I real feel which is simply, "eff ewe"!!!!!!

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