Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Erdman Makes it Official

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With Merle Phillips retiring after 30 in the 108th Legislative District in PA, Northumberland County Controller Charles E. "Chuck" Erdman has announced his candidacy.

Trevorton attorney Antonio Michetti who twice came up short to Merle Phillips will decide in a few weeks. In past campaigns it was Michetti who has campaigned for the reduction in the size of the Legislature.

Although Erdman has been popular with voters as Northumberland County Controller, there has been trouble in his own party in the last commissioners race. Vinny Clausi was able to use public statements by Erdman for his own campaign advertising making a partial contribution to incumbent Samuel Deitrick's loss.

One of the big issues facing Pennsylvanian's in the next decade will be electricity. Here is a stirring letter by David Hughes of the advocacy group Citizen Power. It is very good insight to what the Pennsylvania legislature didn't do the last 10 years.

Also read about PPL's history in deregulation in Montana. Once again Goldman Sachs is at the forefront.

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