Tuesday, April 13, 2010

35 Years Ago, My Start in Baseball

It kind of went by really quick without realizing it, but it was 35 years ago in April of 1975 that I started being involved with some type of organized ball. It was with St. Stan's team of the Twin Valley Little League.

Growing up just five houses away from a softball/baseball complex had much to do with it. In 1975, there weren't any electronic gadgets we could afford, but a ball, a bat and beat up glove and we played for hours.

Like with any sport, the equipment has dramatically changed since 1975. Like 1975, I still can't afford the top of the line. When I started your first generation aluminum bats were taking the place of wood. Now high multi-alloy bats are all the rage for economic reasons in reverse.

Looking back at those days since 1975, I played some sort of organized ball from '75 to 2000 with the exception of 1988 and part of 1989. I thought I was totally done with the game other than a spectator, but in 2007 decided to become an umpire.

With my return to the game as an umpire, I have umpired high school, ASA, PONY, and USSSA softball. I am slowly easing back into baseball with American Legion, Little League and teener recreation.

It is hard to say how long this will last. I know there will come a spring once again where I don't have to worry about the pitch, the batter or the runner. For now I will enjoy my time out on the field, the smell of the grass, the sound of the bats and with the other players even though I am not part of any team.

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