Sunday, April 18, 2010

Single in Shamokin????

10th Congressional District candidate Dave Madiera was in Shamokin on Sunday to begin:

Ride for Freedom! Get your Harleys out to "remember the ride of Paul Revere!"

Unfortunately, Madiera was the only rider. There wasn't a William Dawes or Dr. Samuel Prescott.

My main interest in the event was to see support of a "tea party" candidate close to home. For the record I passed by at 11:50 leaving church and arrived back around 12:25 to check out the support. Also, I did not check out the support received in four scheduled stops.

I had one simple question for Mr. Madiera before the start of the ride. Why start in Shamokin?? After a long pause, Mr. Madiera said that 10th District is made up of 14 counties with Shamokin being in one of the most southern point's in the 10th CD. His goal was to get to all of them is the ride was part of his campaign.

We briefly touched on his campaign financing report as far as lagging behind. He said there has been improvement since the report was filed.

Mr. Madiera was personable enough and was very enthusiastic about the ride and event. I wished him well and thanked him for not taking money from PAC's.

Shamokin was part of the 11th CD up until the 2000 census.

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