Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Northumberland Co. Republicans Break Number One Commandment

"Thou shall not bash a fellow GOPer."

In two local newpapers, 108th District Candidate Chuck Erdman discoverd someone was around digging information on him. It was someone who called himself Patrick Daly. Erdman had letters of disclosure delivered to two other candidates in the Republican primary race.

Speeding Ticket????

Digging for dirt????

Mr. Erdman has had a over a decade of public service and has worked admirably with administrations in the majority and minority including one of the other candidates in the primary. Is there any more to this story? I doubt it.

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P said...

What the hell is the big deal? So some public documents were give to a public citizen. I don't like Erdman's cry baby tactics! Makes me wonder why he's so upset! Hiding something Chucky??? Hmmm??? Your thin skin just helped me make up my mind! J. Martino, Sunbury