Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Change in Northumberland County

First off, congratulations to the candidates who ran for office yesterday and were elected.  Much on that later.  With Kurt Masser winning the 107th District held by the retiring Robert Belfanti. Northumberland County will have to replace Mr. Masser.  This will be done by the Republican Party, but will they look short or long term?

The relationship between fellow Democrats Vinni Clausi and Frank Sawicki has not alway been the best.  They have never campaigned as a team and minority commissioner Masser became an ally of Clausi as noted in Masser's campaign.  Will Clausi be able to work with the new "minority" commissioner or will Clausi have to bridge a divide that exists between himself and Mr. Sawicki.

Masser may not be the only that needs to be replaced.  County Controller Chuck Erdman was a contender in the 108th primary and lost a close vote to eventually winner Lynda Culver.  Could the new Corbett administration tap Erdman's talent?  In his years as Northumberland County Controller, Erdman usually enjoyed bipartisan support and has ruffled the feathers of both parties.

Will Coroner Jim Kelley decide to run for a seat held for many years by his father? 

Guess what?  We are less than a year away from another spirited county election.

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