Monday, November 1, 2010

Exercise Your Right to Vote!!!!

Over the next 24 hours, we as a nation, will exercise our right to vote.  Roughly over 4 billion was spent on ads by candidates critical of each other.  Come Wednesday morning, it will be all over.  

The Democratic Party gained 58 House seats and 14 Senate seats in the 2006 and 2008 elections.  It looks likes the Republican Party will regain the House while the Senate is a toss up.  For their 21 months in power, the President and the 111th Congress accomplished the following:

  • Passed Health Care Reform - (note it's a start)
  •  Saved the American and possibly a global banking meltdown - (this was TMI folks)
  • Drew down combat troops in Iraq - (The War was based on lies)
  • Throw in bank reform, credit card reform, equal pay for women, insurance for children, cut into the deficit, and create more jobs than the last administration in 8 years.

America by most accounts will reward the party that did absolutely nothing.  Instead of new ideas, their platform consists of doing absolutely nothing.  But hey, this is America.

Lulac has these questions:

As a potential voter who has seen and heard all the talking points offered by the national GOP, I have a few questions.

1. What are you going to do if you get the majority and you have to raise the debt ceiling?

2. By extending the Bush tax cuts to everyone, how can you justify the added deficit expense when you would have denied unemployment benefit extensions to middle class workers?

3. How are you going to defund Health Care and what parts of it are you going to gut? Pre-existing conditions?

4. How can you blame individual Congressman for the economy? Exactly what will a Freshman Congressman be able to do if you take power?

5. You demonize the health care program. You say you’ll fix it. How is it in a 1200 page bill you couldn’t find anything you liked? That’s like going to the Mall of America and hating every thing.

6. If you gut the health care plan, are you going to divest yourself of tax payer sponsored health care for you and your family? We are, after all starting over so I think it’s only fair you pay for your own.

7. Why did you refuse to vote on tax breaks for small businesses the last session? Are small business owners becoming the new Pro Life version of the GOP? You yes them to death and say you’re behind them but never, ever give them any substantial political change? Are you making fools of small business owners like you’ve done for years with the Pro Life people?

8. Do you actually know the difference between Medicare and Medicare Advantage programs? And why are you deliberately mixing them up? Get your rocks off scaring old people? Let me explain it to you. The health care reform law works to reform Medicare Advantage by reducing overpayments to insurance companies whose bottom lines have greatly benefited from the program. The law works to reduce waste, fraud, and abuse from Medicare Advantage, and then inject that $500 billion in savings back into Medicare. As a result, it will extend the life of Medicare by almost ten years. The health care reform law will, in fact, provide cost savings for many seniors.

9. What are your specific plans for governmental cuts to balance the budget? Are you going to go after seniors, veterans, children’s early intervention programs or tax breaks for millionaires? Why is it that no Republican running in this country has every offered anything specific on what they will do?

10. You’ve told us you’re going to give us our country back, take back our liberty and take back our freedoms. Where exactly are they, where did they go?

11. Finally, why should we vote Republican? Last chance: give us a reason. And please be specific, if you dare. 

Where as the Rendell Administration championed property tax relief through casino gambling, this election is about drilling and how much sovereignty we as Pennsylvanians give up to the Cabots and Halliburtons.

I have a big problem with one candidate trying to find the identity of a blogger just for criticism about his own hypocrisy.  (Google: CasablancaPA) Do you think this will occur again in the next four years?  You betcha!!! 

As a businessman, not getting anything in return for an energy resource is hazardous at best and moronic at worst.  

Above is the evidence from the last energy revolution in Pennsylvania.  A few men became rich beyond their wildest dreams, you had class of indentured serfs, and the "shit criks" still flow through our valley floors.  

Every election they preach jobs, less spending and less government.......delivering is a another story.

This Texas Statesman once said, "There's an old saying in Tennessee—I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, fool me once, shame on—shame on you. Fool me—you can't get fooled again."

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