Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ciavarella Trial Fallout

Last Friday, Judge Mark Ciavarella was found guilty on 12 of 39 counts against him.  For the most part, it was an indictment of four men who made big money off the taxpayers of Luzerne County.  While Luzerne County signed a 20 year lease agreement for 58 million or 1.3 million a year, there was no stipulation that the detention centers had to be full or not.  The money was coming in regardless.

Now for the big question, what about privatization?  If certain people would have their own way, many government functions would be bid out and privatized.  While most counties in PA are not equipped to handle juvenile offenders in a treatment facility. 

In this scenario, you had two judges who get elected to 10 year terms hooking up with a greedy lawyer and greedy developer.  While money is tight in local budgets thread lightly when you think you might save a buck farming something out.

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