Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adding to the Blogroll

It has been awhile since I added to my blogroll.  I have my reasons for reading them.  They are usually a good read, informative, and cover something in the news our corporate media outlets manage to miss with regularity.  Most are on the left side of the political discussion while a few are on the right and a one or two are for pop culture.

365 Days with Jackie is fairly new.  Y102.5's Jackie Hoffman Wenrich of the morning show formerly of T-102 in Pottsville and a Pottsville native will write a daily journal of her life.  Good luck Jackie and looking forward to the read. Jackie is the female version of the Coal Region Voice.

A good start to reading about what going on or what is wrong with Marcellus Shale is the Susquehanna River Sentinel.  This blog along with Casablanca, Big Dan, Marcellus Maguires may land you on someones watch list. Although never meeting Dan, he looks to be a bad ass dude.

Circumlotion and Purebunkum will keep you on the right while Simply Left, PA Progressive,  and NCFE will get you back on the left all with great writing.

A big shout out goes to Nepartisan's Tom Bothwick who is putting his citizenship where is mouth his and running for the Scranton school board.

As Al Morganti would write in his hockey column, and where have you gone Gort42.

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Molleez Ghost said...

My friend, we are best left unmentioned. And Dan is a lamb dressed as a wolf.