Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Toast to TPR (1966-2000)

Monday marks 11 years that our good friend Terry Reiley lost his battle with leukemia.  Those of us at Villanova who were part of his circle of friends could always remember the funny laugh and most of all the contagious personality.  Often when we would gather together whether it was day or night you didn't know where you were going, but somehow Terry would be leading the way.

Besides starting a business and graduating from law school, Terry was elected elected mayor of Pottsville all after his diagnosis in 1996. For me his battle was a source a source of strength when I had endure my own battle with cancer in 2003.  Terry always said, "Leukemia or not, I can't stop living my life."

Monday night I will lift a Black and Tan and watch the Villanova-Syracuse game.  Those of us that were at Villanova are still grateful for touching our lives.

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