Thursday, February 17, 2011

Phillips Back in the Game????

At the end of his term last year, 108th State Rep Merle Phillips decided to step down and retire from Harrisburg.  Before the ink was signed on his retirement papers, he was appointed Commissioner of Northumberland County to fill the unexpired term of Kurt Masser who won election in the 107th.

He may be back in the game.

At the time of appointment, Phillips was chosen by the judges over 25 candidates due to the fact he would be a citizen legislator.

Sacavage said he's choosing to vote for a candidate who won't seek election to the four-year seat in November 2011 because he doesn't want the appointment to give a "leg up" to a single candidate and require the interim commissioner to campaign soon after beginning their new duties.

That lasted long.

Of late, at this stage of his politcal career, Phillips seems no different to what is wrong with the system.  Back in December, Phillips was questioned about his pension

Phillips was asked Wednesday about his pension.

“I’m not getting into that,” he said.

He said he doesn’t know what his pension amount will be.

With a final salary of  $89,300 his pension started at $120, 621.

Any public employee weather an elected official or not KNOWS what his or her retirement will be.  In the end an official only has their word and record.  Why now start to tarnish a positive career?  If Phillips decides to seek election to the Northumberland County Board, the electorate will make the ultimate decision.

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