Sunday, April 17, 2011

GOP Votes Tax Cuts For Rich, No Medicare For You

The is a post by John Morgan from the PA Progressive site.

The US House of Representatives today passed Congressman Paul Ryan's budget proposal by a vote of 235-193.  It calls for $2.9 trillion in tax cuts for the richest Americans and corporations while ending Medicare and Medicaid.  Instead of government managed healthcare for seniors with a mere 3% administrative cost elderly and disabled Americans would get vouchers to buy insurance in a private market where overhead is 30% and they can be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions or denied medical care at the whim of a corporate death panel.

This extreme proposal was supported by every member of the Republican delegation from Pennsylvania:

Jim Gerlach
Charles Dent
Mike Fitzpatrick
Joe Pitts
Mike Kelly
Tim Murphy
Tom Marino
Lou Barletta
Pat Meehan
Bill Shuster
Todd Platts

It is amazing to realize that each of these men chose to run on this issue next year.  How many seniors will support someone who just sold them down the river?  How many of those facing long term care will decide eliminating Medicaid will help them?  How many of the poor who depend on the program for health care will continue to vote Republican?  How many working people will continue voting for the further enrichment of the richest people in the country and against their own financial interests?  We'll see.

By the way, here is what they have also taken away courtesy of John:

When Republicans use the word "reform" they really mean "eliminate."  In the past ten years they've "reformed" everything on this list.  I sat down the other day and began compiling everything they have either taken from us or are attempting to steal.  I'm sure I missed some so feel free to add to the list in your comments.

Your job
Your house
Your healthcare
Your pension
Your clean air
Your potable water
Your collective bargaining rights
Your wages
Your right to privacy
Your right to a fair trial
Your right to a lawyer
Your right to see evidence against you in court
Your right to a civil trial
Your right of habeas corpus
Your right to keep your financial records private
Your right not to have your home searched without probable cause
Your private library records
Your private telephone and email conversations
Your private correspondence
Your reproductive rights
Your right to wed the person you love
Your right to medical care
Your right not to live in poverty
Your right to vote
Your right to dignity
Your right to vote
Your right to sue for negligence if injured
Your right to a good public education
Your right not to use your tax dollars for religion
Your right not to get shot
Your right not to be forced to give birth to your rapist's child
Your right to safe food
Your right to safe medicines
Your right to unemployment insurance
Your right to sue a doctor who cuts off the wrong limb
Your right to sue a company which injures you

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