Friday, April 15, 2011

GOP's War on the 20th Century

Last Friday around this time, lawmakers in Washington were haggling through the 11th hour on how to trim less than pennies of the federal budget.  Last night the House and Senate passed the rest of the 2011 spending bill and now comes the big fight for the trillions. The House voted 260-167 while the Senate passed it 81 to 19 and sent it off to the President's desk. (There is a whole blog post about the vote coming.)

Enter Paul Ryan.  The six-term congressman from Wisconsin and head of the Committee on Budget, Ryan just newly knight from St. Reagan's Roundtable.  As fast as you want to say "frack" in PA, that is how big the economic tsunami that will come to pass if this budget is implemented.

The GOP campaigned heavily in 2010 to "vote for us, we won't touch your Medicare."  Ryan wants to end that with a voucher system to go out and buy your own private plan.  Your $8000 voucher will leave you about $16,000 short in Connecticut if your around 64.  Hypocrisy anyone?

Medicaid???  Hell, let's hand that off to the states like PA has handed off education to the locals. Even David Stockman has been lost.

Once again, if your rich, you get another 10% tax break.  Here are 9 things they don't want you to know!!!!

This should be boom to the construction industry were two or three generations of family will be living together on Walton's Mountain.

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