Thursday, March 29, 2012

Habitat For Wildlife Calls It Quits

Although announced on Facebook over the weekend by President Dave Kaleta, the news hit the local paper on Wednesday.

The scope of the organization's work can be seen here:

Work done by HFW has earned considerable praise over the past dozen years. The group was responsible for planting more than 43,000 seedlings and 68 acres of food and cover plots, Kaleta said, and members, supported by local individuals and businesses, removed thousands of illegally dumped tires and hundreds of tons of trash from illegal dumpsites.
Here is their final letter from their website

The End of Habitat for Wildlife Inc.

            Well it's been 12+ years since the unofficial start of HFW and now, I'm saddened to say it's time we move on. Or more to the point it's time I move onto areas of the State where cleaning up illegal dumpsites, aspen regeneration, planting food plots/trees is welcomed and appreciated. I am now the Habitat coordinator for Woodcock Limited of Pennsylvania.

"Woodcock Limited of Pennsylvania, founded in February 2007, is a state chapter of Woodcock Limited, a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.   We are a Fraternity of Hunters dedicated to the welfare of the American woodcock.  We work with local, state, and federal organizations to promote habitat and woodcock research, habitat management, and harvest management in Pennsylvania. WL of PA also engages in educational efforts to advance the public's knowledge of woodcock and its management needs." (

            While I will miss working on my local fields and woodlots - the backward thinking and anti-environmental actions and non-actions in eastern Northumberland County has made it impossible to continue work here.
            All other HFW's officers have resigned as well. We fervently thank the hundreds if not thousands of volunteers, businesses and those whom have generously donated their time, effort, money, and most of all - friendship in helping to establish a cleaner and healthier environment. We greatly appreciate your participation.

            Oh, I will still be poking around reporting illegal dumping and other illegal acts to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and hope you will be doing the same.

            If you see a tall grey-bearded man walking behind a German Short-haired Pointer,stop and say hi.

David F. Kaleta
of the former
Habitat for Wildlife Inc.

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