Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nobody Asked, But...........................

Last week the Times-Shamrock Company the parent company of the News-Item, decided to put the paper up for sale.  Included in the sale is the Citizen-Standard of Valley View.  Not included in the sale is The Republican based in Pottsville.

When the News-Item and Pottsville Republican were merged under the umbrella in 1997, editorial, management, and sales staff were shared and merged.  What is bad for the News-Item as this goes forward, the paper isn't printed locally anymore and putting some management back in place maybe cost prohibitive going forward.  Had the Republican been part of the sale, I would be more at ease of the paper's survival.

Like it or not, our community needs it's newspaper now and for the future in order to inform and promote the local area.  In the long run, our area is better served by having it's own local paper.  Shamokin and it's surrounding area have had a local presence for over a century.

Shamokin Area High School experienced some growing pains on the past Tuesday when it took close to an hour and half to get the students inside the high school and start classes. Depending where you are on the side of school security, it was a new experience to the staff and students.  Most of the schools in the immediate area have not gone to such measures.  The closest noted one was Hazelton Area where members of the administration and school board traveled in the wake of Sandy Hook in Connecticut.
It seems that no policy was in place regarding the use of metal detectors in the school. The school opted to go from an all student to a random student check.  Do the teacher and administration have a policy to clear themselves?  I am aware that board and administration have the utmost regard for the safety of our students and children in mind. 
I do have to question why people are not asked to clear security at the local football games.  Will fans have to clear metal detectors at the high school basketball games?   If they are eventually searched, will they still come?
It looks like the good old USA is looking for support for an air strike against Syria.  With never ending issues in Iraq and Afghanistan the nation is really sick of wars to nowhere.  I find it interesting how those who have beat the drum for Iraq and Afghanistan are doing an about face.  Is it worse to see Boehner an ally of Obama or the US of the Taliban?

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