Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shamokin Area Hosts Jersey Shore In Must Win

Shamokin Area finds itself in a familiar spot after week #1 at 0-1. The Indians haven't won their opening game since an overtime win against Southern Columbia in 2005. Jersey Shore comes into this game with a 13-game losing streak.

When you look at the schedules of both team, this game figures to be a toss up. Both team look at it as the opportunity for a win. For the team with a new coaching staff, this game is so very important. With Shamokin Area looking at an away game with a highly rated Danville in Week 3, this is a make or break game. The Indians could look at this as improvement and win with motivation to get ready for the Danville or this is the same old team and attitude and nothing is improving.

Last week the Indians showed signs of improvement with a better rushing attack and some cleaning of penalties. The Achilles heel over the years have been pass defense and last Friday was no different. Travis Blankenhorn had close to half of Pottsville's yards from scrimmage with only 4 receptions. Shamokin Area will have to shut down the Bulldog rushing game and opportunistic passing game in order to put a "w" on the board this week. Will the Indians improve on last weeks effort? We will find out on Friday night.

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